Repair & Maintenance Products

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DUROMAR EAC is a brushable and versatile maintenance material, which has excellent resistance to both acids and caustics, as well as having excellent abrasion resistance.


DUROMAR EAC-FE is a brush able more resilient version of EAC used to enhance fluid flow, resist cavitation, or anywhere requiring more impact resistance in a thin film product


DUROMAR EAC-LV is a brushable version of EAC used to provide a smooth final surface while enhancing fluid for resisting cavitation.


DUROMAR HAR is a carbide-filled trowel able refractory. It is a more abrasion resistant product than SAR, with similar working characteristics.

MG - F

Duromar MG-F is stainless steel-filled putty, which is engineered for use where final precision machining is required.


DUROMAR SAR is a versatile easy-to-use rebuilding putty with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.