Abrasion & Chemical Resistant 100% Solids (Zero VOC) Epoxy Ceramic Putty


DUROMAR SAR is a versatile easy-to-use ceramic putty with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. This product is heavily filled with aluminum oxide and can be built up to an inch thickness or more.

Ceramic Putty

Typical applications are for Rebuilding

Pump Casings

Slurry Tanks

Weld Seams

Anywhere requiring the restoration of metal components

Inorganic Acids Very Good
Organic Acids Good
Solvents Good
Alkalis Excellent
Salts Excellent
Alcohols Excellent
Hydrocarbons Excellent
Density 1.9
% Solids 100
Flexural Strength @ 21°C 141MPa
Tensile Strength @ 21°C 82MPa
Tensile Shear @ 21°C 20.7MPa
Max. Dry Operating Temp 218°C
Operating pH Range 1.5-14.0

Key Features

Excellent resistance to entrained solids and abrasion

Very good chemical resistance

Excellent temperature and thermal shock resistance

Extended Pot Life

May be applied up to thickness of 1 inch or more

Pump Casing & Impellers Rebuilt With Duromar SAR

Critically Damaged Areas Rebuilt with Duromar SAR