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Arudra supplies plastocor® Technology to protect your Heat Exchanger

Since 2003, Arudra has been an Approved Applicator of plastocor® high performance expert coating solutions and have leveraged the world-class plastocor® Technology to solve severe corrosion and erosion issues across Heat Exchangers in India and Asia.

The Heat-Exchanger is one of the most critical units within a power generation system and the failure of a Heat-Exchanger results in failure to generate power. Heat-Exchangers are constantly exposed to the risk of corrosion and erosion, and in the presence of corrosion, the cooling water flows into the condensate, boiler and steam circuit – eventually resulting in severe corrosion issues across the whole Power Generation circuit. There even exists the risk of failure of turbine blades and such a failure can result in huge and unplanned shut down possibilities that involve enormous costs.

By providing pioneer, state-of-the-art technology, plastocor® Technology one-stop, turn-key protective coating solutions help prevent and repair damage to the Heat-Exchanger tube sheet, tube ends and along the entire tube length.

plastocor® Technology is made up of the plastocor® Cladding system for tube sheets, the plastocor® Inlet system for tube inlet and outlet protection, the plastocor® Tube Lining system for full tube length protection and plastocor® High Performance Coating systems for water boxes and other cooling water cycle equipment.

plastocor® Technology expert protective coating solutions for the Heat-Exchanger allow a plant operator to plan and budget efficiently, dramatically extends the lifespan of the unit and contributes to overall efficiency in both energy output and reliability.

Arudra is a trained and Approved Applicator of plastocor® Technology: plastocor® coating systems and plastocor® coating materials supplied by plastocor International SA.

plastocor® coating materials are zero VOC, 100% solid epoxy materials engineered to solve corrosion and erosion problems across the power industry. The primary areas of plastocor® Technology application include the Heat-Exchanger and other cooling water system areas.

Since 1956, plastocor® Technology has been protecting Heat Exchangers and condensers in thousands of power plants, and nowadays, approx. 90% of North American, German, French and Swiss nuclear power plants apply plastocor® technology systems throughout their condensers and cooling water cycle equipment.

The combined and vast experience of Arudra and references of plastocor® Technology means we have acquired an in-depth understanding of our clients’ concerns and the common problems that arise due to erosion and corrosion along the entire cooling water cycle.

plastocor® Technology – Products & Services

plastocor® Cladding System

Due to dissimilar materials of construction of tube sheet and the tubes used in Heat-Exchangers, the tube sheet is susceptible to galvanic corrosion as well as erosion.


Applying the thick layer plastocor® Cladding system to the tube sheet ensures no contact of water between dissimilar metals, thereby ruling out galvanic corrosion and protecting the tube sheet from erosion. It is also suitable to rebuild lost tube sheet material to a near to new condition, thereby extending the lifespan of your Heat-Exchanger up to 25 years and more.

Tubesheet Cladding

plastocor® Inlet System for Tube Ends

Due to turbulent flow in the first few inches of any inlet of Heat Exchanger tubes, there is every possibility of accelerated erosion and consequential corrosion taking place at the inlets.


To overcome this problem, the original plastocor® Tube Inlet Coating System provides sophisticated 3-step method which indefinitely protects and repairs condensers and heat exchanger tubes against inlet and outlet corrosion and erosion and allows for expert planning and budget optimisation, saving a plant operator time and money.

In combination with plastocor® tube sheet cladding, it offers the optimal life extension system of >20 years, plus the elimination of step- and general erosion.

Tube Inlet Coating
Tube Inlet Coating

plastocor® High Performance Coating Systems

Like the Tube Sheet and the tubes, the water box is also susceptible to galvanic corrosion due to dissimilar materials.


Similar to the plastocor® Tube Sheet cladding system plastocor® High-Performance Coating Systems (HPC) are an effective, long term solution for different types of cooling waters like River Water, Lake Water, Sea Water or Brackish Water and if correctly applied these products eliminate galvanic corrosion problems, abrasion and erosion losses, and the in-leaking of ground water. Biological and marine growth is also minimised and can be completely controlled by the addition of plastocor® foul-release system.

Coating Systems

The plastocor® High Performance Coating System for carbon steel structures consists of a highperformance epoxy liner installed from 600 to 3'125 microns in thickness. Thicker applications can be supplied where rebuilding of corroded surfaces or a "bullet proof" lining is required.


plastocor® Tube Lining System

Tube Lining System

After a long period of operation, there is every possibility of Heat–Exchanger tubes getting weakened by erosion / corrosion throughout the entire length of the tubes. This may result in pits or excessive thinning of the tubes as well as increased fouling.


The original patented plastocor® Tube Lining system for the full length of the tube is a unique on-site application system carried out during regular outages to extend the lifespan of small calibre tubes (3-4mm) of condensers and heat exchangers damaged by erosion and corrosion. The patented technology, machinery and services allow for full-length tube coatings of approx. 15m length.

The coating is additionally so smooth that the propensity for biofilm formation and silt deposition is greatly reduced.

As a result, plastocor® Tube Lining further eliminates almost all metal ion discharges, such as e.g. copper, zinc, arsenic, resulting in not only expert tube protection, but also protection of the environment.

Tube Lining
Heat Exchanger

Key details required to identify suitable coating solution

  • * Heat Exchanger Area of application
  • * Operating & Service conditions of Heat Exchanger
  • * Number of Heat – Exchanger tubes
  • * Size of Heat – Exchanger tubes
  • * Equipment Drawings
  • * Required thickness of coating
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