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Tube Lining System

After a long period of operation, there is every possibility of Heat–Exchanger tubes getting weakened by erosion / corrosion throughout the entire length of the tubes. This may result in pits or excessive thinning of the tubes as well as increased fouling.


The original patented plastocor® Tube Lining system for the full length of the tube is a unique on-site application system carried out during regular outages to extend the lifespan of small calibre tubes (3-4mm) of condensers and heat exchangers damaged by erosion and corrosion. The patented technology, machinery and services allow for full-length tube coatings of approx. 15m length.

The coating is additionally so smooth that the propensity for biofilm formation and silt deposition is greatly reduced.

As a result, plastocor® Tube Lining further eliminates almost all metal ion discharges, such as e.g. copper, zinc, arsenic, resulting in not only expert tube protection, but also protection of the environment.

Tube Lining
Heat Exchanger

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