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Arudra is a trained and Approved Applicator of plastocor® Technology: plastocor® coating systems & plastocor® coating materials supplied by plastocor International SA
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Since 2003, Arudra has been an Approved Applicator of plastocor® high performance expert coating solutions and have leveraged the world-class plastocor® Technology to solve severe corrosion and erosion issues across Heat Exchangers in India and Asia.

The Heat-Exchanger is one of the most critical units within a power generation system and the failure of a Heat-Exchanger results in failure to generate power. Heat-Exchangers are constantly exposed to the risk of corrosion and erosion, and in the presence of corrosion, the cooling water flows into the condensate, boiler and steam circuit – eventually resulting in severe corrosion issues across the whole Power Generation circuit. There even exists the risk of failure of turbine blades and such a failure can result in huge and unplanned shut down possibilities that involve enormous costs.

By providing pioneer, state-of-the-art technology, plastocor® Technology one-stop, turn-key protective coating solutions help prevent and repair damage to the Heat-Exchanger tube sheet, tube ends and along the entire tube length.

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About plastocor® Technology

plastocor® Technology is made up of the plastocor® Cladding system for tube sheets, the plastocor® Inlet system for tube inlet and outlet protection, the plastocor® Tube Lining system for full tube length protection and plastocor® High Performance Coating systems for water boxes and other cooling water cycle equipment.

plastocor® Technology expert protective coating solutions for the Heat-Exchanger allow a plant operator to plan and budget efficiently, dramatically extends the lifespan of the unit and contributes to overall efficiency in both energy output and reliability.

Arudra is a trained and Approved Applicator of plastocor® Technology: plastocor® coating systems and plastocor® coating materials supplied by plastocor International SA.

plastocor® coating materials are zero VOC, 100% solid epoxy materials engineered to solve corrosion and erosion problems across the power industry. The primary areas of plastocor® Technology application include the Heat-Exchanger and other cooling water system areas.

Since 1956, plastocor® Technology has been protecting Heat Exchangers and condensers in thousands of power plants, and nowadays, approx. 90% of North American, German, French and Swiss nuclear power plants apply plastocor® technology systems throughout their condensers and cooling water cycle equipment.

The combined and vast experience of Arudra and references of plastocor® Technology means we have acquired an in-depth understanding of our clients’ concerns and the common problems that arise due to erosion and corrosion along the entire cooling water cycle.

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plastocor® Technology – Products & Services

plastocor cladding system

plastocor® Cladding System

Due to dissimilar materials of construction of tube sheet and the tubes used

plastocor Inlet System for Tube Ends

plastocor® Inlet System for Tube Ends

Due to turbulent flow in the first few inches of any inlet of Heat Exchanger tubes

plastocor High Performance Coating Systems

plastocor® High Performance Coating Systems

Like the Tube Sheet and the tubes, the water box is also susceptible to galvanic

plastocor High Performance Coating Systems

plastocor® Tube Lining System

Heat–Exchanger tubes getting weakened by erosion/corrosion throughout the entire length of the tubes