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Like the Tube Sheet and the tubes, the water box is also susceptible to galvanic corrosion due to dissimilar materials.


Similar to the plastocor® Tube Sheet cladding system plastocor® High-Performance Coating Systems (HPC) are an effective, long term solution for different types of cooling waters like River Water, Lake Water, Sea Water or Brackish Water and if correctly applied these products eliminate galvanic corrosion problems, abrasion and erosion losses, and the in-leaking of ground water. Biological and marine growth is also minimised and can be completely controlled by the addition of plastocor® foul-release system.

Coating Systems

The plastocor® High Performance Coating System for carbon steel structures consists of a highperformance epoxy liner installed from 600 to 3'125 microns in thickness. Thicker applications can be supplied where rebuilding of corroded surfaces or a "bullet proof" lining is required.


Arudra Engineers Pvt Ltd is the sole licensed Indian Manufacturer of Duromar range of 100% Solid (Zero VOC) Epoxy Coatings & Linings

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