High Performance Lining (HPL) Product Applications

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Cement Plant- Raw Mill Bag House

A raw mill is a piece of equipment used in the cement manufacturing process to crush raw materials into “rawmix.” Rawmix is then fed into a cement kiln, which converts it to clinker, which is processed into cement in a cement mill.

It operate under high temperature and erosive conditions – Thus accelerating the wear/erosion on the metallic assets within the bag house.

Arudra installed Duromar HPL – 4323 at 1.5mm thickness to help protect the Bag House structures from further damage.

raw mill bag house
Coal Silo

Repair & Rebuild of Concrete Coal Silo

O&M Teams of coal handling units/equipment find it tedious and time-consuming to remove the moisture-rich/wet coal that tends to stick to the surface of the concrete and/or metallic equipment. The moisture content of coal varies with distinct operating & service environments.

When the moisture content increases, the coal particles happen to stick onto the surface of coal handling equipment such as silos, hoppers, rollers & feeders.

This requires the O&M teams to spend hours manually removing the coal stuck onto the surface and this often results in extended downtime & maintenance costs. Moisture coal is also heavily erosive and in instances where the parent metal is of Mild Steel grade, erosion tends to intensify.

Duromar EAC, a 100% solid (Zero VOC) ceramic epoxy is custom-designed to help overcome any erosion-related issues whilst providing a smooth surface finish – Thus not only helping do away with any ‘sticking’ issue but also helps provide outstanding resistance against erosion attacks.

Tank Lining:

Acid Storage Tank Coated with Duromar HPL – 2131 using plural spray system

Widely used in areas requiring outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance like Absorbers, Slurry Vessels / Lines, Storage Silos, etc

Acid Storage Tank Coated with Duromar HPL – 4310 using a plural spray system

Widely used in areas requiring outstanding chemical and temperature resistance like Outlet Ducts, Utility Systems, Petrochemical & Acid Storage tanks