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Arudra Engineers Pvt Ltd is the sole licensed Indian Manufacturer of Duromar range of 100% Solid (Zero VOC) Epoxy Coatings & Linings

HPL (High Performance Lining) Products

100% solids, zero VOC, solvent free, non flameable, versatile & long life lining

Our key HPL products

HPL 2510  

Commonly used for circulating water pipes, sewage treatment systems or process water tanks.

HPL 4310  

Used in power plant outlet ducts, utility systems, petrochemical and acid storage tanks, or anywhere requiring outstanding chemical resistance in an easy to apply coating system.

HPL 2131  

Duromar 2131 is a trowellable material, which is designed to rebuild and/or protect tanks subject to severe erosion and corrosion.

HPL 4330  

HPL 4330 is a trowellable, 100% solids novolac lining with outstanding chemical resistance. It is primarily used in areas requiring the ultimate in chemical and abrasion resistance.

HPL 1110  

1110 is a flexible, low viscosity, easy to use coating system used on structural steel, tank exteriors or other areas where extra corrosion resistance is required.

Repair & Maintenance Products

100% solids, zero VOC, easy to use caulks, emergency repair resurfacing & rebuilding products with great properties to fight chemical attacks, corrosion and erosion.

Our key Repair & Maintenance Products


Ceramic putty SAR is a versatile easy-to-use rebuilding putty with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. This product is heavily filled with aluminium oxide and can be built up to an inch in thickness or more. Typical applications are for rebuilding of pump casings, slurry tanks, weld seams or anywhere requiring the restoration of metal components.


Carbide putty HAR is a more abrasion resistant putty than SAR, which is used primarily in areas requiring more resistance to fine slurries either in liquid or powder form. Common applications are in coal mills, chutes, ash hoppers or deflector plates in FGD systems.

EXP Thixset  

EXP-THIXSET (Novolac Ceramic Putty) is a more chemical and higher temperature resistant version of either SAR or HAR used primarily in areas operating at higher temperatures and requiring better chemical resistance. Applications include acid tank repair, boiler skirts or refinery evaporator vessels.


DUROMAR EAC-FE is a brushable flexible ceramic used to enhance fluid flow, resist cavitation, or anywhere requiring more impact resistance in a thin film product.


DUROMAR MG-F is a stainless steel filled putty, which is engineered for use where final precision machining is required. Typical applications include shaft repairs, pump parts, bearing housings, or anywhere requiring final machining to close tolerances.


DURO-STIK (Steel Putty) is an extremely fast curing putty material, packaged in a single tube for easy mixing and use. Ideal for storing in toolboxes to make quick repairs or to stop leaks in steel, aluminum, fiberglass or concrete.

Flooring Products

100% solids, zero VOC, floorings for various applications including heavy traffic, non-skid flooring, chemical resistant floorings and breathable flooring systems.

Our key Flooring Products


DUROMAR DF-1301 is a clear, 100% solids concrete sealer with a long working time. It is used primarily to seal the concrete prior to the application of additional topcoats and to restore the mechanical properties of old concrete. It can be cured at temperatures as low as 40º F and can be applied to damp concrete.

DF 1310  

DUROMAR DF-1310 is a general-purpose epoxy floor coating with good low temperature curing characteristics, excellent flexibility and impact resistance, and good adhesion to damp concrete. Although not recommended for strong acids or solvent protection, it does, however, have good chemical resistance to dilute and mild inorganic acids as well as water, seawater and de-mineralized water.


DUROMAR DF-4301 is a 100% solids, novolac floor coating with outstanding chemical resistance to acids, bases and solvents. It can be applied by brush, roller, or plural component spray equipment. It is best used in secondary containment areas and floors subject to chemical splashes and spills.


DUROMAR DUROFIL is a specially formulated 100% solids epoxy grout and rebuilding product for filling holes and rebuilding severely chemically attacked concrete floors and secondary containment areas. DUROFIL provides an excellent base for other DUROFLOR® products, such as CHEMCRETE, DF-4301, etc., where more acid resistance or a smoother finish is required.

Epoxy Lining for Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Systems

Uniquely designed for FGD systems in various areas to fight chemical corrosion, abrasion and elevated temperatures – 100% solids, zero VOC systems.

Since 1968 Duromar, Inc. has been heavily involved with erosion,corrosion and process control problems. Duromar recognized early that the key to solving these erosion and corrosion problems, would be in the selection and use of 100% solids, zero VOC, polymeric materials. These new products, while outperforming conventional solvent based or hazardous polymeric coatings, would also be safe for the applicator to use, and be non-toxic to the environment.

 Common Application Areas  Resurface  Rebuild  Lining
 Limestone storage Tanks  EAC    SAR    HPL – 2131  
 Outlet Ductwork  EAC    EXP – Thixset    HPL – 4320  
 Reaction Tanks  EAC – FE    SAR    HPL – 2131  
 Scrubber Vessels  EAC – FE    SAR    HPL – 2131  
 Stack Linings  EXP    EXP – Thixset    HPL – 4310  
 Header Slurry Pipes  EAC    HAR    HPL – 2133  
 Spray Dryers  EAC – FE    SAR    HPL - 2221  
 Precipitators  EAC – FE    SAR    HPL - 2221  
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