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HPL (High Performance Lining) Products

100% solids, zero VOC, solvent free, non flameable, versatile & long life lining

Our key HPL products

HPL 2510  

Commonly used for circulating water pipes, sewage treatment systems or process water tanks.

HPL 4310  

Used in power plant outlet ducts, utility systems, petrochemical and acid storage tanks, or anywhere requiring outstanding chemical resistance in an easy to apply coating system.

HPL 2131  

Duromar 2131 is a trowellable material, which is designed to rebuild and/or protect tanks subject to severe erosion and corrosion.

HPL 4330  

HPL 4330 is a trowellable, 100% solids novolac lining with outstanding chemical resistance. It is primarily used in areas requiring the ultimate in chemical and abrasion resistance.

HPL 1110  

1110 is a flexible, low viscosity, easy to use coating system used on structural steel, tank exteriors or other areas where extra corrosion resistance is required.

High Performance Coating Applications

Arudra Engineers Pvt Ltd is the sole licensed Indian Manufacturer of Duromar range of 100% Solid (Zero VOC) Epoxy Coatings & Linings

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