Flue Gas Desulfurization

Epoxy Lining for Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Systems

Uniquely designed for FGD systems in various areas to fight chemical corrosion, abrasion and elevated temperatures – 100% solids, zero VOC systems.

Duromar Flue Gas Desulfurization

Since 1968 Duromar, Inc. has been heavily involved with erosion,corrosion and process control problems. Duromar recognized early that the key to solving these erosion and corrosion problems, would be in the selection and use of 100% solids, zero VOC, polymeric materials. These new products, while outperforming conventional solvent based or hazardous polymeric coatings, would also be safe for the applicator to use, and be non-toxic to the environment.

 Common Application Areas  Resurface  Rebuild  Lining
 Limestone storage Tanks  EAC    SAR    HPL – 2131  
 Outlet Ductwork  EAC    EXP – Thixset    HPL – 4320  
 Reaction Tanks  EAC – FE    SAR    HPL – 2131  
 Scrubber Vessels  EAC – FE    SAR    HPL – 2131  
 Stack Linings  EXP    EXP – Thixset    HPL – 4310  
 Header Slurry Pipes  EAC    HAR    HPL – 2133  
 Spray Dryers  EAC – FE    SAR    HPL - 2221  
 Precipitators  EAC – FE    SAR    HPL - 2221  

Arudra Engineers Pvt Ltd is the sole licensed Indian Manufacturer of Duromar range of 100% Solid (Zero VOC) Epoxy Coatings & Linings

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