Abrasion & High Temperature Resistant 100% Solids (Zero VOC) Epoxy Carbide Paste


DUROMAR HAR is a carbide-filled trowel able refractory. It is a more abrasion resistant product than SAR, with similar working characteristics. It is used primarily in areas requiring more resistance to fine slurries either in liquid or powder form.

Common Applications

Coal Mills



Ash Hoppers

Slurry Piping


Inorganic Acids Very Good
Organic Acids Good
Solvents Good
Alkalis Excellent
Salts Excellent
Alcohols Excellent
Hydrocarbons Excellent
Density 1.94
% Solids 100
Flexural Strength @ 21°C 143MPa
Tensile Strength @ 21°C 80MPa
Tensile Shear @ 21°C 20.7MPa
Max. Dry Operating Temp 260°C
Operating pH Range 1.5-14.0

Key Features

Outstanding resistance to entrained solids and abrasion

Very good chemical resistance

Excellent temperature and thermal shock resistance

Trowelable refractor

Easily built up for thick applications

Eroded Fly Ash Elbow coated with Duromar HAR

Critically Damaged Areas Duromar HAR