Abrasion & Chemical Resistant 100% Solids (Zero VOC) Epoxy Ceramic Lining

Duromar EAC

DUROMAR EAC is a brushable and versatile maintenance material, which has excellent resistance to both acids and caustics, as well as having excellent abrasion resistance.

Key areas of application



Heat Exchangers

Pump Internals

Inorganic Acids Very Good
Organic Acids Very Good
Solvents Good
Alkalis Excellent
Salts Excellent
Alcohols Excellent
Hydrocarbons Excellent
Density 1.88
% Solids 100
Flexural Strength @ 21°C 129.62 MPa
Tensile Strength @ 21°C 82.73 MPa
Tensile Shear @ 21°C 20.68 MPa
Max. Dry Operating Temp 204°C
Operating pH Range 1-14.0

Key Features

Very good resistance to moderate levels of abrasion

Excellent chemical resistance

Excellent thermal resistance

Long term Flexibility

Excellent resistance to cavitation

Excellent fluid flow characteristics

Pump Impellers Coated with Duromar EAC

Coal Mill Rotary Feeder protected with Duromar EAC