Abrasion & Impact Resistant 100% Solids (Zero VOC) Epoxy Flexible Ceramic


DUROMAR EAC-FE is a brush able more resilient version of EAC used to enhance fluid flow, resist cavitation, or anywhere requiring more impact resistance in a thin film product
Inorganic Acids Very Good
Organic Acids Very Good
Solvents Good
Alkalis Excellent
Salts Excellent
Alcohols Very Good
Hydrocarbons Very Good
Density 1.61
% Solids 100
Impact Resistance (in Kg) 68 Kg
Tensile Strength @ 21°C 58.60 MPa
Tensile Shear @ 21°C 12.41 MPa
Max. Dry Operating Temp 190°C
Max. Wet Operating Temp 163°C
Operating pH Range 1.5-14.0

Key Features

Very good resistance to moderate level of abrasion

Excellent chemical resistance

Excellent thermal resistance

Outstanding Flexibility

Excellent resistance to cavitation

Excellent fluid flow characteristics

Hydro Wheel Coated with
Duromar EAC-FE

Hydro Wicket Gate Coated with
Duromar EAC-FE

Pump Casing & Impeller Coated with Duromar EAC-FE