High Performance Lining

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HPL - 1110

DUROMAR HPL-1110 is a flexible, low viscosity, easy-to-use coating system used on structural steel, tank exteriors, or other areas where extra corrosion resistance is required.

HPL - 2131

DUROMAR HPL-2131 is a trowel able material, which is designed to rebuild and/or protect both steel and concrete tanks along with other structures subject to severe erosion and corrosion.

HPL - 2221

DUROMAR HPL-2221 is a medium viscosity product with outstanding abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and flexibility.

HPL - 2510

DUROMAR HPL-2510 is an outstanding, versatile, and easy-to-use 100% solids material.

HPL - 4310

DUROMAR HPL-4310 is a high functionality, 100% solids novolac material, which can be applied by conventional airless spray equipment.