Corrosion Resistant 100% Solids (Zero VOC) Epoxy Concrete sealer


DUROMAR DF-1301 is a clear, 100% solids concrete sealer with excellent flexibility and moderate chemical resistanc. it is used primarily to seal the concreate prior to the application of additional topcoats, to prevent outgassing, and to restore the mechanical properties of old concreate. it can be cured at temperature as low as 50°F.
Components 2
Visual Appearance Clear Gloss
Density 1.09
Solids by Weight 100%
pH Range 3-13
Inorganic Acids Good
Organic Acids Fair
Alkalis Good
Solvents Fair
Hydrocarbons Good
Max. Dry Operating Temp 120°C
Functional Cure 24 Hrs
Full Cure 120 Hrs.
Surface Preparation SSPC-SP 13
Adhesion Excellent
Flexibility Excellent
Pot Life 50 min.
Equipment Airless Spray , Brush, Roller, Trowel
Number of Coats 1
Theoretical Coverage 29.73 m²/4.55 liters/127 microns
Film Thickness/Coat As Required
Recoat Time @ 21°C 6 hr. min. 96 hr. max.
Min. Application Temp 10°C
Mixing Ratio By Weight 4.4:1 (B/A)
Mixing Ratio by Volume 3.8:1 (B/A)
Dry to Touch 6 hrs.

Key Features


Corrosion Resistant

Excellent Adhesion

Increased Asset Life

Cases Duromar DF-1301

Cases Duromar DF-1301