Repair & Rebuild of Acid Neutralization Trench Lines in Power Plant



Acid resistant tiles that were installed along the neutralization trench lines of a Thermal Power Plant had completely worn out within a span of 12 months. This as a result had caused severe corrosion across the civil & concrete areas of the DM plant, forcing the plant maintenance teams to replace and repair the acidresistant tiles frequently.

The drastic increase in downtime & maintenance costs required the plant to adopt a more bulletproof protective flooring system that would help overcome the damages incurred and ensure the smooth operation of the DM Plant.



On inspecting the damages and assessing the problems, Arudra reckoned to redo the entire civil works using a 100% solid, 3-part epoxy grout (Duromar DuroFil) along with a top layer of the acid-resistant epoxy liner (Duromar DF – 4301).
The existing tiles were removed throughout the trench and the severely damaged portions were rebuilt with Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC).



The concrete surface was then thoroughly prepared to ensure a clean and rough finish was achieved and Duromar DF – 1301 concrete sealant was applied to ensure all the concrete pinholes/seepages were sealed. Duromar DuroFil, a specially formulated 100% solid epoxy grout used in rebuilding severely chemically attacked concrete floors and secondary containment areas were then built up to a thickness of 6mm – 7mm throughout the trench lines.

The DuroFil was left to cure for 24 hours and a 1mm – 1.5mm lining of Duromar DF – 4301 was applied on top of the DuroFil. Duromar DF – 4301 is a 100% solids (zero VOC) Novolac floor coating with outstanding chemical resistance to acids, bases, and solvents, primarily used in floors and secondary containment areas subject to chemical exposure.


Installation of DuroFil followed by Duromar DF – 4301 successfully helped provide a solid foundation and outstanding acid/chemical resistance for the neutralization trench, covering a surface area of approximately 50 m².

This expert 100% Solid (Zero VOC) Epoxy grout & rebuild solution not only helped solve a range of operational & maintenance issues but also greatly helped in enhancing the Asset Life of these concrete areas exposed to aggressive chemical environments.

Arudra successfully executed this challenging installation within a span of 7 days, providing the end-user with risk-free operations for years to come.