Transformer Oil Leak Arrest using 100% Solid Epoxy

Location: Behala, Kolkata - India

Area of Application: Transformer Oil Leak Arrest

Products Used: DuroStik + Duromar SAR - UW

Protection Against: Oil Leakage


Oil was found to be leaking time and again on a transformer around the ceramic insulator and steel joint areas, despite the repeated application of various Multipurpose Sealants that failed to withstand extended durations. As a result, the client was required to constantly monitor the oil leakages which for obvious reasons was extremely tedious and time-consuming. The client has approached Arudra for transformer oil leak arrest with a robust solution.

Transformer Oil Leak


Upon assessing the situation and associated problems, Arudra identified that the solution to arrest the transformer oil leaks would be to use a 100% solid epoxy ceramic putty on top of a strong epoxy sealant. The application was carried out as per Duromar’s methodology, wherein the surface preparation was carried out around the leakage areas and a masking tape was used to help enhance the coating application.

Upon completion, the Duromar DuroStik was used to arrest the leak and this was later covered with Duromar SAR – UW, a 100% solid ceramic Epoxy Putty.

Duromar DuroStik is an extremely fast curing steel putty material, packaged in a single tube for easy mixing and use. Ideal for storing in toolboxes to make quick repairs or to stop leaks in steel, aluminum, fiberglass or concrete.

Leaking Transformer

Transformer Oil Leak

Oil Leaking Transformer
Transformer Oil Leak
Surface prepared transformer
Surface Preparation & Taping
Duromar SAR – UW is a versatile easy-to-use rebuilding putty with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. This product is heavily filled with aluminum oxide and can be built up to an inch in thickness or more.


Upon application, it was noticed that the transformer oil leak is arrested and the coating held strong for extended durations due to the high adhesion levels of the 100% solid epoxy putty. A key advantage of using an epoxy to arrest such leaks is that there would be no need for the oil to be drained out before application considering the ceramic epoxy putty is 100% solid and hazard-free when handled. This not only helps saves ample time and effort but also proves to be superior in performance – Thereby eliminating unforeseen Operations & Maintenance costs.

Transformer Oil Leakage arrested with Steel Putty Stick - Duromar Durostick
Transformer oil leakage arrested with Underwater Ceramic Putty - Duromar SAR UW
Transformer Oil Leak – Arrested using DuroStik + Duromar SAR – UW