Relining of Corroded Structural areas of a Gypsum Unloading Plant

Location: Cement

Area of Application: Gypsum Unloading Area

Products Used: Duromar HPL-2131

Thickness: 3mm

Protection Against: Gypsum Slurry & Powder


The Carbon Steel Structures of the Gypsum unloading area of a Cement Plantwas heavily corroded due to the moisture content and aggressive service andoperating conditions of the plant. Corrosion was prominent even after theapplication of a protective coating (different product) and the structures wereweakening with time. This, as a result, was drastically increasing the operations & maintenance cost forthe cement plant, and very often excessively corroded structural parts werebeing dismantled and re-welded.

Gypsum Unloading Plant Corroded Structural

Gypsum unloading plant Initial Coating failure


Upon assessing the situation and associated problems, Arudra identified that a thick layer of 100% solid epoxy lining would be required to protect the structural parts from the corrosive moisture intense environment.

Consequently, a 3mm thick layer of Duromar HPL – 2131 was applied on a well-prepared bristle blasted surface.

Duromar HPL – 2131 is a multi-functional 100% solid epoxy, with a uniquely modified polyamide hardener which is designed to rebuild and/or protect both steel and concrete tanks and other structures subject to severe corrosion anderosion.


It was noted that the 3 mm thick Duromar HPL – 2131 showcased strongadherence on the corroded carbon steel surface, and protected the surfacethoroughly from any further corrosion/erosion related issues. Additionally, it wasalso noted that the smooth finish of Duromar HPL – 2131 prevented the gypsummaterial from sticking to the surface.

Gypsum Unloading Plant
Coated with HPL-2131