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PLASTOCOR® Erosion and Corrosion Protective Coatings and Repair Systems

Arudra Engineers Private Limited is an ISO certified company providing Anti corrosive Protective coating application to overcome Corrosion and Erosion problems in many industries.We are a trained and approved applicator of Plastocor® coating systems and Plastocor® coating materials manufactured by plastocor-international SA.


PLASTOCOR International SA supplies a” one stop turnkey solution” for corrosion and erosion problems across the entire power generation industry. Plastocor- international SA provides solutions in the Condenser, Heat Exchanger and Cooling water System areas..

Note: All materials are zero VOC 100% solids materials, that is, there are no solvents in them.

Application :

  • Tube sheet cladding

  • Tube inlet and outlet coatings

  • Tube lining system

  • Heat Exchanger repair

  • Pump repair

  • Wind tower coatings

Please visit PLASTACOR ® Official web site for more details