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Duromar Inc. USA Anti Corrosion / Erosion protective coating application

Arudra Engineers is an ISO certified company providing Anti corrosive Protective coating application to overcome Corrosion and Erosion problems in many industries.We have technology transfer from Duromar Inc. USA to manufacture, Supply and application part also as per customer requirements.


Since 1968 Duromar, Inc. has been heavily involved with erosion, corrosion and process control problems. Erosion and corrosion acting together are many times beyond the resistance capabilities of most metals and concrete. Direct experience with these problems coupled with the limited performance of available protective materials, encouraged Duromar to search for new engineering solutions through the use of “state of the art” polymeric materials.

Duromar recognized early that the key to solving these erosion and corrosion problems, would be in the selection and use of 100% solids, zero VOC, polymeric materials. These new products, while outperforming conventional solvent based or hazardous polymeric coatings, would also be safe for the applicator to use, and be non-toxic to the environment.

Today Duromar continues to pioneer in the field of applied polymeric technology. It offers a wide variety of zero VOC, 100% solids materials for use in a broad spectrum of industrial applications. It manufactures rebuilding, resurfacing, and specialty products for industrial maintenance; concrete repair and flooring systems; high performance linings for the severest corrosive and abrasive environments; and structural adhesives. Its production facilities and quality control procedures are continually being upgraded to provide “state of the art products” to meet today’s stringent standards for quality and performance.

Available product lines:

  • FGD Coating

  • Glass Flake Coating

  • Ceramic Coating

  • HAR Products

  • Flooring products

  • Wind products

Application Industries:

  • Power plant

  • Flue Gas Desulfurization systems

  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industries.

  • Mining industries

  • Marine industries

  • Paper & Process plant

  • Please visit DUROMAR® Official web site for more details